Grand Theft Auto 5 Wishlist

August 29, 2011 1:39pm CST
If GTA 5 had GTA 4 [5] graphics and took place in Vagas, Los Angelas, and San Fransisco [SanAndreas] I think that would be a spectacullar game. But it would be more of a knock off to SanAndreas rather than the same game. If they also added new cars, maybe new buildings and other cool stuff as if time has elapsed, that would just be awesome! Also if you could switch between 1st and 3rd person and be able to lay down or go prone that would be so sweet! OH. And they MUST bring planes back! What do you think GTA 5 should be like? What cities? And what do you think they should add?
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• India
2 Jun 12
Well by now there have been predictions about GTAV releasing next year or by the end of this one . Judging by the announcement trailer it definitely has San Andreas or parts of it may be along with some other fictitious places. There have been speculations about the main character being Tommy Vercetti and since the game is based around the 2010s , and VC was based in 80s Tommy has grown a lot older and in his late 50s has moved to San Andreas to escape from his crime life in VC but he obviously is not able to . But there mostly speculations along with some facts to keep the rumor mill running till the original game comes out.