Hurricane Irene in the U.S. is a disaster as well as warning to mankind

August 30, 2011 10:42am CST
Hurricane Irene which hit the east coast of the United Stated led the New York City under siege flooding. Approximately 4,5 million homes submerged. Business center in the metropolis was also paralyzed. As many as 21 people were killed. As a result of this storm, as many as 370 thousand citizens of New York had to flee from the super busy city. A total of nine thousand flights were delayed. Own current wind speed reaches 50 Km/hour. For the citizens of the world, once again we see how natural warning to us again proved. However we must see that is one result of our own action that to often exploit nature for the greed of mankind. And for the U.S. in my opinion it is warning not too meddle too much in domestic affairs of other countries, just for the sake of power and wealth. And better self introspection, with more attention to U.S. domestic life itself. So, the Hurricane Irene is not just a tragedy, but it is a warning for all of us. However i shared in the disaster, and put a high empathy for the families of victims.
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@anil2154 (145)
• India
30 Aug 11
It is true that all these incidents are on the increase and the only reason for them to increase is that we are exploiting the nature in a major way which will one day result in the destruction of mankind. We have to take care of the nature than only these incidents will decrease.
@smacksman (6074)
30 Aug 11
They are not increasing. Do your research and you will find it is normal.
@madteaparty (2761)
• Japan
31 Aug 11
Natural disasters are disgraces, and as I have experienced a big natural disaster too, I know the feeling very well. However, they are not warnings to mankind. They have just happened due to the changes in the atmosphere or in the land of the planet. This planet is always moving and always changing, as it's filled with life. It's not necessary to find a conspiracy after every little thing, I think.
• Singapore
31 Aug 11
Nowadays, disasters are happening everywhere. Although you have some point in what you say, it's really just an act of god and it just so happened that the hurricane, for the first time, wreaked so much havoc in the busiest city of the USA. Some people say that this hurricane is a first sign of the end of the world or apocalypse whatever it is. With so many disasters nowadays, it's hard to believe that the end is near. In my opinion, I think the world could be ending soon. However, we should just continue on with our lives and do whatever it is in order not to have any regrets once we leave this world. Just live happily from this moment.
@salonga (27952)
• Philippines
31 Aug 11
God is in control of this earth. So whatever disaster that comes our way God has a reason. He could prevent or allow any disaster but He allows disasters such as hurricane to warn the people about how they've been disobedient and irreverent to God. This world is getting worse. The people sin without even feeling guilty. They fornicate, they practice and support homosexuality, they practice abortion, they do just about anything that pleases their flesh while offending God. Well God is warning us. If He could bring hurricane to remind us of our wrong doings He could also destroy this whole world to bring an end to its wickedness. So, its about time to think. Have I been disobedient and irreverent to God? While there is still time, let us repent and turn to God.
@pbbbsra (1214)
• Philippines
30 Aug 11
I also feel for the victims of those who were affected... On the other hand, I still think that New York is still lucky... compared to the damage of the Earthquake in Japan, it is nothing. Irene is not the first warning we got from nature... NAture has long been sending signals to us, that if we don't take action, we will be harmed by our own irresponsibility. It is not only for the US, but for all of us to think.