As there is resistance against unwanted calls and SMS...

@gengeni (3308)
August 30, 2011 12:14pm CST
As there is resistance against unwanted calls and SMS, without having to change the phone number? I am looking for tips and tricks, not the call to public violence on the plan. How can I explain to my counterpart that his opinions are not wanted, or how do I get the "switch" in his brain, he tells you: "Another text makes no sense, I leave this now and feel comfortable about it!" I envision a kind of psychological warfare, with the better end for me! Skin in the keys and says to me, how!
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• Indonesia
3 Sep 11
Just go with number change.
@huilichan8 (1379)
• Singapore
1 Sep 11
For unwanted calls from people that I know but do not wish to keep in touch, what I do is to keep their phone numbers in my phone's contact list. So when they call, I would know it's them and I wouldn't want to pick up their calls. I normally don't pick up calls from people that I do not know and calls from private numbers. In the case of the former, however, I might actually sms the caller to ask who he is. I have registered with quite a number of tuition agencies and so I wouldn't want to miss any opportunity to take up tuition assignments; hence, I might sms to check. For smses, I would normally just read and then delete them afterwards. I don't know if what I have said is helpful but I hope it does to some extent.
• Lagos, Nigeria
31 Aug 11
I only knw of nokia codes for it.
@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
30 Aug 11
I understand what you mean. You want tips on how you can make that person really understand it, and no technical instructions how to disable his number. I have this problem at the time too, and my strategy is to ignore it. It does not really help, but I still have no better idea ... Perhaps this would help a counter-attack? Call him some night at three in and say, you want to meet you. And then write a sms that mode you change your mind when you are sure that he has already g*het on the socks. And if he asks you why you did that then tell him that you wanted only that he "feels" like it is to get annoying delay messages.