Have you ever known someone that walked their cat?

August 30, 2011 12:20pm CST
This weekend we had some company that came in from out of town all of us are animal lovers and we got on the subject of cats and one of my friends made a comment that his mother take her cat our for a walk I thought how cool is that I have been caring for pets for over 11 yrs now and I have never had some ask me to take out their cat for a walk. When I was a kid we had a cat named Taffy she was a female and came in and out she like being out most of the time but my Father would take a walk after dinner and that cat would walk with him all the way around the block just like a dog I don't have a cat now but she was a great one. If you have a cat have you ever walked them?
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30 Aug 11
My father used to take his cat out for a walk on a leash. This was because the cat was an indoor cat and Dad thought it needed more exercise. This happened until he met my mother, who told him just to let the cat outside...and he did, so no more walks for the cat. When I was a kid, whenever we took the dog out for a walk, our cats would follow for a while. Sometimes one would go too far away from home and start crying, so we would have to take it back home and then set out again. I just don't think they liked being left alone!
30 Aug 11
Oh how cute is that great story have a nice day