Hurricane Irene made me 1800 dollars!!!

United States
August 31, 2011 2:40am CST
So I work at a 24 hour alarm dispatch center and for this hurricane weekend they offered us a great deal. If we work through the whole weekend and sleep there, they will pay us for every hour we are there, even while we sleep 8 a 1000 dollar bonus.. So i got there friday night at 10 pm, and worked until monday at 7 am, working for 16 hrs, sleeping for 8, on and off..:-) Imso excited about my paycheck...its going to be like 3000 because I still have my regular 80 hours plus 26 hours of overtime as well... I will say, i definitely earned my money because wowww it was soooo busyyy!
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@kelly10 (678)
31 Aug 11
Surely if a company has money that they can just give their employees without batting an eyelid, wouldn't it have been a better thing if they sent up a fund to help those that have been badly affected by the hurricane?
• United States
31 Aug 11
So i guess its not enough the number of lives we save everyday? It's an alarm dispatch center. We dispatch police fire and ambulance to emergencies..We slept there from fri night to monday morning so thats crac that you would downplay those efforts..We were badly affected as well we are in new jersey. Seriously, your negative comments are discouraging, and quite frankly, very annoying.
@kelly10 (678)
4 Sep 11
Didn't mean to offend you. I live in the UK so saying you work in a alarm dispatch centre actually sounds like you work for a company who make security alarms. so I think you can understand how it read for me. I didn't think it was a discouraging comment, just if a company has an abundance of money then put it to good use and help the needy. I think others would agree.