August 31, 2011 6:16am CST
Why do people do stupid things when they're really mad? I really cant help talking obscene words to my partner whenever I feel angry to what he did. I always decide easily on things and acting on it without me thinking the circumstances. Many times I tried to control my emotions but it always went up into nothing, just a big TROUBLE!.. What should I do? Can you share your experiences too..
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@edsss17 (4398)
• Philippines
31 Aug 11
I stumble upon in a quote just a while ago and it says: Don't make stupid decisions when you are upset. Now I realized its true. We should not make decisions and do inappropriate things when we are mad or upset because we don't what will be the result of this all.
31 Aug 11
Yes I really did the same. It was too late sometimes, thinking all those foolishness I did. But we can't deny it. Yes it really causes trouble. I am also too impulsive when I got angry or when my partners did things not favorable to me. Sometimes I think I was just too selfish about it. But how can I can control it? It's already in my personality.