Mind Bending

United States
August 31, 2011 7:17pm CST
Lately I've had alot going on some good some bad but through it all i have maintained my self. With everything the best thing that has happen was my God Son became My little brother. Its a long story. Three years of court and he can finally put all that has happened to him behind him. at first it felt wierd having a lilttle brother that is five and I'm 30, but i notice having him as lil brother makes me wanna do better achieve more be a better me. I want him to see that he doesn't have to sell drugs, rob, cheat or anything of that nature. i want him to learn that with hard work he can achieve anything.So my thing is this how can your own child not make you wanna be a better person how could you just walk away and not look back, hey i guess everyone is not meant to have a child(3 yrs later and you still dont care).
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