Can we go after baptism and confirmation at all lost?

August 31, 2011 8:26pm CST
Can we go after baptism and confirmation at all lost? Because as you get even the Holy Spirit, who leads one through the whole life. And the Holy Spirit we would still lead to nothing, what could separate us from God. Or?
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@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
5 Sep 11
I'm not baptized, but the answer is meant seriously: I think that free will is the foundation of human morality. If I were religious, would be my logic, that a forced obedience to God can not be worth much, but would lose and that God's closeness in value if they could also be lost. In my opinion, it is possible for people without baptism / confirmation, to do so later, or to find other ways to God, and by implication it is also possible to go back to losing. As I understand it, according to Christian doctrine, the will is very important: If hot, if you suddenly after baptism and confirmation will be an atheist, then you will not be saved against your will, even if you use the "rituals" remains faithful follow. Also the Holy Spirit can not force you then. But then again you should not be a Christian baptism and your will is there, then you will also save Sun Now you have even written that the Holy Spirit would prevent even that this will change at all: I think the Holy Spirit is more of a consultant as someone who remakes and completely takes over your brain. The world as it is, and your brain, as it is will not change by baptism and confirmation, so you can still lose. If you go into the mountains through a gate, the mountains do not change, and neither do you, but you get just a companion to the side of you shook hands. But if you - deliberately - to jump from the mountain, you can align your companion aka Holy Spirit is not much more. I think. Hmm - maybe it helps you, the whole time even to look nervous different perspective?
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3 Sep 11
Yes. Baptism and Confirmation is not an excuse. My only fear is that you is not an honest answer wi*h located.
@gengeni (3308)
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1 Sep 11
Absolutely. Anyone who is not a main goal with dates, for the - or for them, is also no way. Who thought of this issue for themselves - or be illuminated?