Loving patience, loving life

@advokatku (4037)
August 31, 2011 8:45pm CST
Humans come to this earth certainly with function and have a mission. God has made humans as being the most perfect form of creation from all creatures of God. Therefore, we are as humans must understand that the life given by God actually is a transaction between us and God because God offers heaven, meanwhile on the one hand, we offer obedience and sincerity in carrying out this life for God. No wonder in the end many religious leaders are asking us to fulfill God's call and invitation of the Prophets. They invite us to more dare in faith, obedience and dare to jihad. This is indeed the life in the real meaning. If Allah has commanded people to meet His calls that's mean that has become our duty to fulfill His call without hesitation. But, of course, we must understand bahw effort to answer and fulfill this call is not an easy road. There are many temptations and negative tendencies that would derail us from fulfilling this appeal. Required readiness to accept a heavy burden tanggungjawb and provide property, and food sandng, readiness to dread even killed and readiness to die in the effort to meet the call of Allah and the Prophets. Naturally, the ordeal is necessary for believers to meet guidance and God and the Prophet's call to continue to feel the sweetness of faith and strong belief in their souls. Therefore demands a psychological price that makes the base or beliefs that are very valuable in their souls. Each time they suffer in the way of Allah and sacrifice to fight for it, the more expensive and the greater the confidence felt in their souls. With a simple sentence we can say that human beings are capable of looking forward in fulfilling its role to answer the calls of God are those who are entitled to get a chance to live forever. Therefore those who love those who love the patient is alive.
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@SHAMRACK (8442)
• India
1 Sep 11
Dear friend, I feel those close to God do have patience and this helps a lot in their life and being successful. Believe in the path of God may be the rest will come to our path. Moreover at time those devils do come, but to over come them we all need a goodness in ourselves may be a soul which is close to God. I feel patience have a great role in life....