Why do poor people still bring children to the world?

August 31, 2011 9:48pm CST
Why would you want to raise kids if you have neither medicine nor food? Then it is the parents fault! They know that their children will starve, but which still bring to the world, just so they spend the few years in misery until they die then. That should be obvious but which finally
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@najibdina29 (1309)
• Indonesia
5 Sep 11
Hallo! I myself live in a third world country and have in the beginning perceived as such. But these people have children for old age security. The more children we get through the more secure you have to eat every day in age a plate. That's the mentality and attitude towards life. But I have, and that's the truth, so often found that these so-called poor people live happier lives than many of the first world or developed nations. They are much more satisfied with the few rather than the rich, the neck can not get full and still want more. I myself live here for 15 years and will not return in the modern world. Think about it, not just where I get the latest mobile phones and computers at the cheapest ago. Have a nice day
@surfer222 (1715)
• Indonesia
1 Sep 11
i agree with gengeni, but there's another things to consider when you refering to poor people. Some of those poor people who have kids maybe not always poor, some of them maybe have a decent life when they having kids, then something bad happen to their family economy like loosing job because of the country have suffer a global economy problem and the company where they are working start firing people. If i was poor before i have kids then personally i would not have kids at all... In my past i see a lot of people who love their family so much then they have a mental breakdown because they cannot support their family anymore. Maybe to them cannot support their kids and family is more hurt than just being poor by themself.