When you are in love

United States
September 1, 2011 9:50pm CST
When you are inlove you would do anything for anyone, and some of the things that you do for a person you don't mind doing because you love this person unconditionally, but what happens when someone take advantage and then they don't appreciate you for what you do, I mean than it seems that everything that you do for them is in vane because their focus is either taking advantage of you or not even looking at what you are doing for them, I mean people are a trip for real they think that they can do what ever they want to do to you and you are suppose to forgive them just like that what give people that right, and then they think they can pull the sorry card, man I don't play that you violate if you want to I can forgive but I will also leave you alone to, I mean really don't let no one take advantage.
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@nurseclare (2210)
• Philippines
2 Sep 11
BRAVO! You said it right, when we love we are wiling to do the wildest thing.And I wont let anyone take advantage of my love. I adore my boyfriend so much and he does not take advantage of my love for him.
• United States
2 Sep 11
That is wonderful to know, because my fiance he loves me very much its like you can feel the difference you know from when someone really loves you verses not loving you at all or pretending, and I am so glad that he found me and showed me true love, and I wish you and your fiance the best!
@HanaHun (13)
• China
18 Sep 11
I thin is very immature to get upset if you try to help someone and it doesn't work out. I think if you help loved person it should be with NO expectations and acceptance if they will refuse our help. It's important to not to bring yourself down when such things happen, cause truly it's not them who bring you down for trying to help ( maybe too much or too less ) but it's you who let yourself to get mad sad cause expected too much. On the other hand the help receiver should be always glad that he has help given or offered, even if they refuse it cause they don't like it they should show the appreciation. Stop expecting. Start unconditional giving and forgiving. these are part of unconditional love.
@mommytam (17)
13 Sep 11
some people dont care if they hurt you. they know that the person they hurt will forgive them. As long as they know that they will keep doing what they are doing. But somtimes people do things to hurt you on acident. peopel arent perfect. but you got to decide is it worth it. You should always forgive. but not forget. but that doesnt mean that you should be with them. its all on what that person feels is right. is it right to stay with them? is it ok can i live with what they did?
6 Sep 11
I think you should just stand up for yourself and know your limits. If they cross the final straw i think you're better off breaking up because they are only going to walk all over you and cause a huge misery to your life.
@motiem (2)
• Saudi Arabia
3 Sep 11
No wonder when we say that love is blind THANK FOR YOU ARTICLE
@Judy890 (1633)
• United States
2 Sep 11
Very true when we are madly in love with someone we will do everything for them, but being taking advantage of is just so wrong its showing they don't love you but love what you give to them
@cat003 (33)
• United States
2 Sep 11
I will do anything for a person I love...but if they don't appreciate what I do, I would question their love and ask myself is the kind of person I want to spend my life with? Better to ask yourself now then later.
@Triple0 (1907)
• Australia
2 Sep 11
Yes! It's a cruel world out there and love can be manipulated to benefit the other. Who said love is perfect? There will always be ups and downs and you just got to be prepared for whatever is thrown at you. It's all about trusting the person you're in a relationship with and supporting yourself. Don't let your partner control you. You are your own boss! If you see that your relationship is not coming out as planned, break up because your partner isn't worth it. Find someone who will treat you well and as n equal. =)
2 Sep 11
i would sometimes feel like my fiancee takes advantage of me, but only because she expects things from me. like i'm the better cook, so she expects me to cook dinner. i'm the one thats better with a computer, so she always expects me to do the online banking and stuff like that, but at the end of the day.. it's my own fault for always doing it and never making her. we had a talk about it awhile back and she agreed to do more, so it sorted itself out. i suppose though, not only is love not taking advantage, it's also about fixing the problems when one arises!