I feel tired, however It's full in my heart!

September 3, 2011 5:17am CST
we have worked in this company for 3 weeks, first feeling is very tired, this company just like a house with hundreds of holes, We are trying to fill them and set up a new rules that suitable for this company. Few people knowing how to work in this company before we came, most of them are news without any experience. I have to work and teach them, something that none of my business also need me to provide efforts. It's tired, however I can do many things according to my thought, I could see the result that I expected, or let me know it;s wrong if I persist in my ways. Now I'm QA Manager, I want to be a manager of trading Dept, than a GM of this company.
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@sais06 (1288)
• Philippines
4 Sep 11
It's really fulfilling if you did your best in your work no matter how tiring it is as long as you love your job. The results will be fruitful for you if you continue it that way because you are determined to reach your goal. Yes it's difficult but it's how we get to the challenge that'll make us succeed. I guess you have a nice position already so it's not impossible for you to become a GM in the long run. Just keep the attitude and stay focused. I also have aspirations to get a better position in the company that I'm currently working but I know that it will still be a long way since I'm just starting. Let's just believe and don't give up.
• China
5 Sep 11
Hi to get a better position that you have been want to be is not easy, and I'm trying and trying, never give up, as my English, I have been studying it by myself for 5 years. I hope you could the position you want.
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@sais06 (1288)
• Philippines
10 Sep 11
Yeah it'll be a long way but I'm very determined to achieve it. I just need to be focused because once you lose focus then the vision ends. It requires hard-work and patience. Once you love what you're doing then you enjoy it, and when you are able to enjoy it then it won't be that difficult for you anymore.