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@vivamir (673)
September 3, 2011 2:20pm CST
Hey fellow MYLOTTERS... Okay.. so another post that revolves around making money online, however Im a little stuck as recently.. with my personal circumstances Im trying to make the best of a bad situation and so whilst sitting here last night- I thought you know what.. Im going to do it!!! *ILL TELL YOU IN A MINUTE WHAT MY PLAN IS*.. Anyway.. as most of you have much experience with internet businesses etc.. I only have knowledge of how to create a site.. so guys what advice and tips woiuld you give to me as a first time creator?. I am fully aware that I need to design a site that appeals to the public, and TRAFFIC plays the most vitral role... however, Im no millionaire..In fact I dont have a penny to my name and the thing is I KNOW THERE ARE WAYS IN ORDER TO MAKE A SUCCESS FROM NOTHING- so what Im trying to ask is whether anyone has been able to create a website with absolutely NO financial backing at all?.. I have carried out some research and the type of sites Ive come across are: Okay.. so if I create a website with say one of the sites stated above.. would there be literally no finances involved?. See the thing is.. I have no other choice but to start from the bottom and work my way up- I understand there maybe hosting fees involved etc.. but I would think they would be charging me after- am I right?.. I need as much guidance as I can get, and thought that as I have quite a good 'relationship' with some of you MYLOTTERS.. that you would be more than happy to converse with me in my journey.. Any advice, tips and guidance is welcome- no matter how trivial you may seem to think it may be.. (",) Thanks alot guys and I really look forward to reading what information you have to offer... xx..
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@ircurts (112)
• United States
11 Sep 11
Hello friend. The advice to earn from things like micro tasks, mturk, etc is sound. From those earnings you can easily start your own site and afford the domain and hosting fees. This is what I did recently. I started with surveys and earned 25.00 US from that. I then purchased a domain for one year costing me only 10.00. My web hosting cost me only 5.00 per month and would be less if I paid for 90, 180 or 365 days in one payment. Hosting could cost me as little 3.00 per month if I paid the full year at once. It is not that difficult to earn enough to launch a website by doing the micro tasks and surveys. I do not recommend using a freehost or free domain as you will be restricted by rules and the cost of separating yourself from the freehost with your free domain will be far more than it would be doing it as I did.
• China
5 Sep 11
To my shame,I know nothing about it,much less give you some advice,tips and the like.I feel I am really old and have lagged behind times too far in this respect.
@rambansal (575)
• India
3 Sep 11
In business, money begets money. Hard work matters but has only a secondary role. Even then, never give up and go ahead with your plans. y best wishes.