How do you select a perfect partner?

By Arya
@arya007 (306)
Tirupathi, India
September 3, 2011 10:41pm CST
Many of us cannot able to select a perfect partner for us.Are you sure that you had selected a perfect person for your life?If so how do u selected him?
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@Messyrax (147)
5 Sep 11
First i dont believe there is anything like perfect partner because even those couples who seem to be perfect, have their issues just maybe they know how to handle them really. but i think the best way to have a good partner is to make sure that you are really in love with him and that he is trully in love with you,,, date for sometime without rushing things and maybe face a little hard times in your relationship and if at the end of it all he is still there for you and you are there for him, i think you will be able to have a nice thing together for a long time.
@swissheart (6478)
• Romania
4 Sep 11
first of all I don';t look for someone perfect...cuz if you look for someone like this you can be sure you'll never find him. second..I don't select him..I don't make myself and image about how I would want the person nex to me to be...I simply like him or It depends if he likes me or not
@Fire10 (293)
• United States
4 Sep 11
Perfect... I don't know about that. There are people who are perfect for sharing an hour with, people who may be perfect for a few years, and others who are perfect for a lifetime and longer. People have no difficulty finding a perfect person for anything shorter than a lifetime - and maybe it is because they simply mis-pick their people - or maybe because they are the wrong person. My recommendations... 1. Pick/be someone who has shown commitment in several aspects of life: Commitment to their family members, their community, their faith, their education, their job. Commitment takes practice, so try to find someone who has learned it already in other aspects of life. 2. Pick/be someone who cares about everybody they have contact with and doesn't speak ill of others. This universal respect for people counts doubly for those who become close to them. 3. Pick/be someone who knows how to work. Relationships are challenging if two people want it to last, two people are going to have to work very hard in a variety of ways. Laziness makes leaving so much easier than repairing... and damage just happens. 4. Pick someone who has the same family/social/spiritual goals that you do. Although a couple doesn't need to discuss every or most issues before committing, make sure that you're on the same wavelength before hand - it may prevent some arguments that put stress into a relationship. 5. Know who they are when they are fighting with someone. Nobody hopes to fight with the love of their life, but you can tell how good a person really is, by watching them when they are inclined to behave their worst. 6. Make sure that they impress you and inspire you for who they really are. Some people focus too much on a spark... when the spark goes a way they wonder what the hell they were thinking because they thought they were 'in love' - which they never were. Infatuated maybe, in love, not at all. :) Thanks!