Are Gold and Silver out of common man's reach?

September 4, 2011 1:16am CST
For the last few months there has been a steady increase in the price of silver and gold. The gold rate is increasing at unimaginable heights and so does the price of Silver. Infact, the silver price is increasing thrice than Gold. If this trend continues, then what will be rate of silver and gold in future. In my country women are quite obsessed in possessing gold jewellery and whatever the rate is they tend to buy more Gold ornaments and it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage with the increasing gold and silver rates. How is the trend in your place and whether this hike is affecting globally?
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• India
4 Sep 11
prices of gold and silver have soared to sky, but Women are so obsessed with jewellery , even todays marriages are like a street show of gold ornaments..the common man can no longer afford gold as it was in yester years, but the obsession will continue. the people will still buy gold and silver in smaller quantities. the rise in gold prices can be stopped and reversed if the domestic demand for gold n solver comes down.
• India
17 Feb 13
Silver and gold today crashed! don't know whats with the selling Spree!
@legrande (68)
• India
7 Sep 11
There will b a saturation point after which the prices of all these metals will be coming down sooon.... but the day is tooo far, and we dunno by that time what will be the price of these metals... !!!! gold has been the craze of not only women!! many men tooo..... :)
@mantis36 (4237)
• Philippines
5 Sep 11
Diamonds are still the number one people's choice.....
4 Sep 11
definitely i accept all your opinions , but see in the business point of view for last 4 years gold get doubled,and surely it will take upto 5-6 years to get another doubling.If you having 20,000 rs in your hand invest it on the gold ,you will get nearly 40,000 rs in next 5 years. But more members getting doubled their money within a 6-12 months by proper investing in share market trading and other tradings. so generaly people look for investing in share market,so the cost of gold definitely not come in our dream.It will be up and down.
@daliaj (5689)
• India
4 Sep 11
Silver, not yet. It looks like the gold price is going so high so that even middle class people can't get to it. The fact that surprises me is that even though the gold price rises every day, you can still see the crowd in gold shops. You can see this very much in Chennai. Lucky are those people whose families have a lot of gold. I think people started thinking about gold more as a deposit than as ornament.