Do women have children because they want to get the status as the Perfect Woman?

September 4, 2011 11:18pm CST
Do women get married & have children because they want to get the status as the "Perfect Woman"? I was quite intrigued by this recent phenomenon in which many women who divorce than men. Whereas in the past, there has never been cases of women who divorce her husband first. From some research "petty," which I created, inadvertently I hear words of a woman who is quite surprising: It turns out many women who divorce because they feel not need a husband. One thing most feared is when many women are aged over 30 and not done to get married and have kids. Naturally, because of their race with their biological clock. Not to mention the stamp of 'Old Virgin, "which would be their clothing, became a burden in their lives. Because it is, a lot of women who insist to get married as early as possible with her partner. The goal is simple: get rid of the label "Old Virgin". After marriage, women are not necessarily satisfied just called got the status of "wife" because a woman is not the perfect woman / complete if She had no children (I do not know any woman who first coined the term status of "perfect woman", who surely this is the base of the problem ). So in many ways, they are forced to be childless. No matter how much MONEY to be spent, ARE IMPORTANT TO HAVE A CHILD (this is one reason why many women who choose a rich husband. If there was no money, and her husband impotent, how could have kids?). So after getting married and having children, women already get the status as the "perfect woman". So - like a caterpillar who has become a butterfly - for what her husband? Stay kicked it. Simply put, put on a cheating husband's excuse, so that when a divorce can be a treasure part. Adequate and comfortable life until the end of the old. Who is quite annoying, they like to wear the words, "If God wanted us for divorce, then we have to divorce." And since when God wanted put together for couples who get divorced? Does God "stupid" and "not really no work" until lightly together and then divorcing couples who are united by Him? Departing from this fact, then I want to ask you, is it true some women are demanding and want to get married and have children because of the desire to get a status of "Perfect Woman"?
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• Indonesia
8 Sep 11
dearest ... Indeed there are women like that, it's already become a phenomenon for women. especially women who just want to be happy herself. Women who you mentioned above, is a woman who will never be satisfied with one partner, will never be satisfied with life, and no matter how to look more glamorous.
@nezavisima (7419)
• Bulgaria
5 Sep 11
I think a woman Dec. women can have a family. She also married her husband because he loves it. I do not think that any woman married to parfektnata mother and wife. It all depends on her behavior and her thoughts and feelings. I think a mother knows when it's perfect when it first yasto are children. nice day!