do cats have 9 lives?

@KiblyKat (188)
September 5, 2011 12:11am CST
Do cats really have nine lives? why is it that i hear this phrase so often when i talking about cats? what does this phrase actually imply?
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@surfer222 (1715)
• Indonesia
5 Sep 11
Cat only have one life, but they have a very high endurance. In the past i have seen a cat whose half of his body is flat to the road because he got run over by a car. but his head is still following my every movement.
@Judy890 (1633)
• United States
5 Sep 11
Well its an expression about how cats are clever and able to survive in certain situations where it seems like they would not.
@KiblyKat (188)
• Singapore
7 Sep 11
yea, i might think so too. my cat jumps from high places and lands without breaking a bone or falling flat on the face. my cat is a fat and fluffy one, and he could still perform such tricks.
• Philippines
5 Sep 11
Hi! Some people believe in the superstition that cats have 9 lives but actually they don't have many lives. Cats can survive to any injuries or accidents happens to them because their body posses many advantages to support themselves unlike to any other animals. This has been taught during my High School and I already forgot some details about this.