How to make my friend happy smile?

September 5, 2011 2:47am CST
I have a friend, and recently she was often sad and sullen, I am also sorry for the beholder, whether there what is a problem ...?, she not in the mood to be invited to discuss the problems , also can not encouraged sharing , I'm so desperate look at this situation, what should I do ....?
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@stringer321 (3562)
• Kiryat Ata, Israel
13 Dec 11
Hello , najibdina. Sometimes , people don't share their reason for being sad. It's hard to understand why they are sad , but , if there something many people want in their lives is to be loved. If you show her that you need her company and appreciate her being friend with you , I guess it will make her happier alittle bit. Maybe you can try talking to her about life in general and share her with some problems that you have too. Maybe she will open her heart to you. Even though this discussion is 4 monthes old , I still think it is relevant for general. So , how is she now and what was the reason she was sad ? How did you handle the situation ?
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
3 Oct 11
Here are 10 easy ways to make someone smile. I guarantee you will smile too. :) 1. Write "thank you" This is a very, very simple, but it has very important meaning. Write "thank you" today to someone who has helped you complete a task or someone who has done something for you. Able to parents, children, colleagues, friends, or even a shop assistant who has graciously serve you. Bonus points: Write down on a piece of paper and send it, either by post or deliver your own - not just via email. 2. Attach a funny screensaver or wallpaper on his computer If you were in office, why would you not try to alter your coworkers computer screensaver with something fun or funny at the time he was not at his desk? Or suppose that at home, secretly you change the wallpaper computer belonging to your spouse or your parents. Install the screensaver or wallpaper that you know about that can make people laugh. Bonus points: Try to find a screensaver or wallpaper associated with the favorite. 3. He bought candy / chocolate favorite Although we have grown, candy / chocolate is still a thing that can make us smile. If someone is sad, he bought candy / chocolate favorite - you can give it along with the words "thank you". You do not need to buy candy / chocolate is expensive. Bonus points: Find the candy / chocolate favorite since she was a child. 4. Send greeting cards One level above the words "thank you" that you send a greeting card that he would not have anticipated. Congratulations have been getting a new job or congratulations on graduation will always make someone smile. You must be a little creative here and do not worry, there will always be special events for you congratulate someone. Bonus points: Design a simple card that does not matter, what matters make your own writing, not the writing that comes from the card. 5. Perform duties Nothing is more exciting than knowing when to go home to find someone had swept the house and clean the kitchen. Roll up your sleeves and start acting. Usually this is done to your spouse or your parents. Bonus points: Do a chore that she hates about it - like cleaning the oven or cleaning gas stove. 6. Make her favorite breakfast Breakfast is the meal that should not be overlooked. Many delicious food choices for breakfast. One time in the morning, get up early and prepare breakfast for the family members at home. You can present the bread, cereals or fried rice. Bonus points: Organize tables and chairs so that everyone can eat together, or it could also make a special layout. 7. Give a surprise gift Receive a birthday gift will always be fun - but it would be surprising if you can give a gift on a normal day. Buy a book, DVD or other small gifts that you roughly know the recipient will like it. Bonus points: Try to make it a sort of game, and at the end of the game you give a gift. 8. Make a mini photo album Gather some photos of family or colleagues and put together a photo album. You can use online services such as to upload the photos and print them with your own design. Bonus point: Look for photos of his childhood. For this you really need to use a scanner to put it in the computer. 9. Give him time to relax If you know someone was with her, offer to take her son to play. For busy parents who would be difficult to get time to relax and recover energy - and if you do fun things with her son, then your day would be nice too. Encourage children to the playground, ice cream shops or places where other children play. Bonus points: Combine with movie tickets or gift giving 'activities' for the other parent to be able to relax without the children around him. 10. Make a book about special events in his life It does require enough effort in planning and preparing the book, but it will be an invaluable treasure for the person. Gather all the documentation associated with special events in his life and craft into one neat sequence. Bonus points: This book will be a birthday present to-21 is exceptional, with the pages filled with documentation of events since he was 1 up to 20 years.
• Indonesia
8 Sep 11
Give a surprise. Even if only a little, maybe he'll smile