In times of quiet reflection

September 5, 2011 3:03am CST
Well I want to ask something, for you who stay up longer on, maybe you can give a little explanation. for Christians: What if someone doubts or at least not fully believe in Jesus but not too sure that Jesus was not God. you certainly know that true or it may sometimes heartfelt faith does not come with a sudden, if I am unsure of the deity and the lack of deity of Jesus, to die to pick me up, how? is it possible Jesus with compassion can accept me as His people? for people of Islam: suppose I have to say the creed, because the extent is not hard to pronounce it? but my problem, eventually I felt unsure of the prophethood of Muhammad, the more I tried to convince myself that Muhammad is the Messenger of God became even more doubts, in the rest of my life, I tried my best to fully believe in the apostolate of Muhammad, it's just dying to pick up trigger I realized before that .. Hemm .. whether he would accept me?
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@gengeni (3308)
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3 Oct 11
in Islam good and bad deeds will be weighed. If you'll come later wrote, just to be fair first. for example You just do a creed - good deed 30% You do not perform their prayers, alms, fasting and pilgrimage - 50% bad deeds You do not do good - good deed = 0% You do not stay away from ban - bad deeds = 20% You do not ask for forgiveness - your sins remain attached Total charitable good = 30% Total charitable bad = 70% because of bad deeds scales greater than good deeds then his reward is hell
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8 Sep 11
If you go to hell, will you regrets?