Party, dancing, hockey, running, volleyball and Opera theater in 3 days!

@iDivision (1414)
September 5, 2011 3:19am CST
Yes I made it! Last Friday i was at weddings where we where drinking alcohol, dancing and laughing all night. The next morning i was up very early, so i was still not in my best shape, but still i was searching what to do next, so i went to other city to watch ice hockey game , but after it i still haven't enough! So, me, my son and friend went outside and played hockey outside, it was just hand technique practice without skates of course (there was 24 degrees by Celsius outside then and no sign of ice :D). Took some beer too and i managed to get into bed only at 23:00 o'clock. OK, i woke up at Sunday. i was again on the wave of energy, so i got out to do running workout and what surprised me the most was the fact how easy i was doing it - i managed to run 7 kilometers easily. I still could not find any stuff to do, so i called nearby friends to invite them to play volleyball. And again - we did it! we played beach volleyball for more than 3 hours until i remembered that i must drive to opera theater later that day. Opera was pretty good since it was not a classical opera, but rock-opera. i returned at home still ready for some activities, but i fell asleep soon after i got in my bed. These where one of my best weekends this summer. And i am still feel excellent!
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