Student is interested in online earning most

September 6, 2011 3:57am CST
Student have much more free times than others. They also spend much time for internet. So, earning online seems a suitable for them. I realize that almost online earners are student or housewife. Do you think so? Do you have any ideas about this view.
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6 Sep 11
Yes u are right,most of the online users are students or housewife.But I think most of them do online jobs not to save time but to earn money and we find that it will be easy to work from home rather than going out few miles and working there.I think most of them choose online jobs if they have no alternate..what do u say..
• Slovak Republic
12 Sep 11
i agree. im a student and its kinda hard to find some job here in my city... i need money bad... so im here... this site seems really interesting to me... my english is bad.. i guess i can get some improvement here, earn some money... so i decided to give it a try... and here it is... my first post ! :)
• Philippines
13 Sep 11
i agree with you so fond of this site not only because i earn money but also it could help me improve my english and socialize with different kinds of people..
• China
2 Jan 13
So do I,one of my main purpose to participate mylot is to improve my English,and make some money by the way. :-)
@AdalieM (1135)
• United States
2 Jan 13
I am not so sure about that. I have many male friends who are trying to make extra money online. However, I do agree that many students have the free time to spend many hours online especially when they are on vacation. I need to read the statistics. Somehow, I get the feeling that there are many women and men trying to make a living online.
@jeztrose (1405)
• Philippines
12 Sep 11
i think yes.. they are the ones who has most of their time.. but i am not a student or a housewife..but i have time also time in surfing the net and visit mylot..i am currently working as office clerk in our country and most of the time i feel bored on my paperworks outhere so i would take some minutes to erview some discussions here heheh
@Absinto (2398)
• Portugal
6 Sep 11
I do agree. Usually those types of people tend to be those that go towards earning money online. In a way it is good for them as long as they dont turn it into a life long job. After a while it might not work out.