do you need lincese for a golf cart

United States
September 6, 2011 3:53pm CST
i want to knw do you knw lincese for a golf cart pls let me knw i want to get one
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• United States
6 Sep 11
I believe there is a fee within the golf course itself that covers the fee for using it while on the golf course. As for personal use I don't think you need a license because I believe it is like a moped where it only goes to a certain speed limit. But you do need to make sure that the City and or State you live in, that it is allowed to use on the streets and roads near you. For instance I don't believe it is allowed to drive on the roads in my city.
• Canada
6 Sep 11
No, I don't think so. At Golf courses you just need to be at proper age so they can trust you not to fool around. If it is something you want to keep in your home then no, but if you take it outside your property, you many need to consult your local homeowners associations, check on some by-laws. There may be by-laws prohibiting those types of vehicles. Municipal laws will also have some rules if you plan to take it into the streets. I am certain there are laws (by-laws) about the certain mass of a vehicle, or size, that may require you to have a proper license to operate outside of your property, and also perhaps inside your property. It is really dependent on where you live and the laws of where you live. Good Luck!