How to help people who discriminate because of disappointment?

September 6, 2011 7:58pm CST
On the one hand, there is a male friend who seems to think that no woman who is trustworthy, paranoid against women, because they have experienced the disappointment of women, or because it had met with women who are just that bad. On the other hand, there is also a female friend who apparently was so full of resentment, anger, and disappointment with men, because men never hurt, and often heard the story of her friend who was also hurt by men. Discrimination of another form is discrimination among ethnic, interfaith, inter-racial. Why are some past experiences are used to assess the entire class? Everyone must have experienced disappointment and suffering, and met with people who are bad. We still live in the world, have arrived in heaven. I have a good male friend , also god female friend. But facing a bad attitude from the people who discriminate, obviously they will refrain. Finally, as if no man who is good, no woman who is good . Then disappointed himself, getting angry and desperate. Not happy. How to help someone like this to stop being so discriminatory and begin to see others as they are, without being too connected to gender (or religion, tribe, race)?
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@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 11
Of course this is not an easy task. but also not impossible. your skills in dealing with all parties to make excellence in yourself. and maybe one day, together they are invited to think or to work doing something that forces them to mutual help and mutual help. and according to me at this forum too, already a part of our small steps to get started.
• Indonesia
7 Sep 11
Act and move with the pure and impartial.if they hear means you get the part but if they insist on means that you have provided, we can not force people to design and moving towards what we want just because we feel good like this. say what should be said sincerely with a pure heart, let the rest of life to balance its own destiny in the minds of your friend. good luck.