Have you tried Pomodoro Technique to manage your time ?Does it wok?

September 7, 2011 4:29am CST
Recently ,I have read a book about Pomodoro Technique written by Francesco Cirillo.The book introduces a new way of managing your time when you are studying or woking.Firstly ,you should list what you planed to do in the day and set your timer for 25 minutes,then you start the first task without stopping until the timer rings and you can have a rest for about 3 or 5 minutes.The break time goes by ,you go on with your task and cycle all the time till the task is finished and remove the task from the list.You could have a long-time rest for 25 minutes after you finish every 4 tomatoes.I am interested in this way and want to have a try.Have you heard of this or had a try?What do you think of it?
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• Italy
7 Sep 11
Very interesting read, I’ve tried a few different time management techniques before but have yet to try out this one yet. I might have to try it out for my side projects to keep me motivated and productive in the evenings after work. You can also use my online platform for Pomodoro Technique: http://ORKANIZER.com I welcome your feedback.
• China
7 Sep 11
Thanks for your response and the online platform. In order to know weather the way is suitable for me or not,I need have a try by myself.Maybe we can supervise each other,ahaha~.The new semester is coming ,I wish I can manage my time effectively by the means of Pomodoro Technique.And wish you good luck~