Why rockets could walk in space?

September 7, 2011 4:54am CST
Rocket propulsion could walk the earth because there is air, the boat runs because there is water, the car is running because there is land, but why the rocket in space can move? As if rubbing against the pusher energy particles in space so that the rocket could move?
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@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 11
unnecessary air to move or stop moving, which is the style required. rockets aimed at penetrating the Earth's atmosphere has a liquid fuel and liquid oxygen, so the supply of oxygen for combustion carried himself, so it still can work in a vacuum. regards
• Indonesia
7 Sep 11
Not just a rocket, we were able to walk in space, because space is a vacuum.
@wmraul (2557)
• Bucharest, Romania
7 Sep 11
rocket - rocket - gases go hot and very fast on one direction, the rocket accelerating on opposite direction
First of all, rockets need NOT air (oxigen) from atmosphere to work. Next, the principle is fairly simple: inside the rocket there is an fuel and an oxidant, mixed together and burning producing hot pressure gases which have a weight and a speed - go to a place where there is a firefighters tube and try to stay on same place after water start ... This is called reaction. Rubbing with air, water, whatever, that is the thing which slows down vehicles. Is all physics and real simple.