Grandma I love you : I miss you !!!

September 7, 2011 5:55am CST
Most of us have been lucky in having seen their grandmas and I too was fortunate to have her by my side till my university days .My grandpa expired when I was very small . In the true sense my grandma was my friend , philospher and guide . She was very religious and would wake up much before dawn and after taking bath would start worshipping our family gods Lord Krishna , Laxmi , Taara and and all the idols there in our old home . We were Hindu Brahmins then . She was a true devotee . But at the same time she had a secular bent of mind and never considered people from other religion to be untouchables or like wise . She was so happy when someone from other faiths came to our home . She would not let anyone but herself cook and serve the meal . She was not educated in any school but learnt at home still she was a avid newspaper reader . Regular reader of many books in the vernacular language . She used to read The Geeta , religious book of the Hindus . I once bought for her the Holy Bible translated in her language . I was so surprised to see her often quote lines from there reading it only for a week or so . She used to listen to all my stories that was in my syllabus . She guided me in every way and used to build my character and personlity by relating stories of different eminent persons and their lives . She taught me cooking . I shared my secrets with her more than with my mother . She hid all my mischiefs and spared me from my father's wrath . She was an angel in my life . She passed in the year 2001 . I miss her a lot . My eyes are so full while writing this . I wish she lived for some more days :( Share your experiences friends . Wish you all a very good time ahead ! :)
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@DiaJ88 (170)
• Singapore
7 Sep 11
My grandma.. She stayed with my siblings, me and my dad after my parents divorce. She took care of me til I was about 13 years old, afterwhich she moved out and stayed with my aunt. In 2009, I had a major quarrel with my dad, so I left the house and stayed with my aunt. I shared the same room with grandma and every night she told me stories of her life before I went to bed. I decided to learn cooking from her and take down some of her recipes, I start washing clothes for her since she doesn't trust washing machines and always do it by hand (yes, by hand). I decided to moved out of my aunt's house and stay at another place. During the time I stayed with her, she kept on repeating that maybe I will only visit her in future, on the day that she passes on. Everytime she says that, I would cry and tell her that I'll visit her often. I was promoted in my job and got caught up with my schedule as I have to fulfill longer working hours. I didn't visit grandma for sometime. 30th Dec 2009, I received a call at around 11am from my brother, informing that grandma has passed on. I broke down at work and kept crying, I rushed to my aunt's place to see her for the last time. I failed to visit her for just a moment, and she left, yes its true, I visited her only on the day she passed on, just as what she always says. It was not done purposely, or was it a coincidence..? After she passed on, I realise how short life is,how time was not spent on things and people we love most. I decided to resign from my job and continued studying. Now I'm on a roadway to become a chef, in memoirs of my grandma who loves to cook... I love you Grandma...I missed you alot.. ='(
• India
10 Sep 11
Hi DiaJ I am so moved to hear the story of your grandma. Infact your story is also touching and I can understand how your grandpa influenced and became a part of your life . Don't feel sad . May be her passing away was just a coincidence but the way you still feel for her is praiseworthy . So you are a budding chef ? looking forward to learn more recipes from you. All the best !
@tash01 (2032)
• Jamaica
5 Nov 11
Grandmother is is a wonderful feeling,that us always here.My grand mother was a woman who help a lot of people,include me.I have learn a lot form her,an she help me a lot ti be the person i am today.For that i am lucky to have known a woman like her in my life.She has though me so much,she teach me how to cook.and to take care of my son was he was born because,i did not know how to take care of a new baby.And she did share her Knowledge with me, an how to do d a lot of things. She even share her pass with me, Even in her last days when she cry, i cried too because things i did have of to do for her because she could not do it for her self.I could tell that she love me dearly,because i always love her an take good care of her. She was special and even now she is still special to me. When she get sick, we has family members take care of her,but i was the one who was at home with her most of the time.Because the other have to work,so i will have to feed her an fix her legs.Because she get a stroke from her waist down, after a few months like that.Things began to change for the worst,she call me in her room and ask me to look for something in her bag.And she gave it to me,an said let me give this before my eyes close.And i said to her mama,stop talking like that you will always be here with me . I never know that she will be going that soon,three days after she have given me that gift.she get a next stroke in the head,an went into a coma for almost 2 weeks an never wake up back. I cried ,and i cried but my tears could not bring her back.Her kids cried too,but their tears could not bring her back.Because i know that she is in a better place now,and God is taking care of her.My grandmother miss Inez Tomlin will always be remembered,by a lot of people and most by of me.she pass away January 15,2011 i miss her a lot,sometimes i would just go around the back to sit on her grave for a while. We miss her a lot, an her memories will always be in our has been 11 months since she have pass,an she is in a resting place right watching over us. sometimes i look at pictures of her,think of her.and sometimes i would cry too,even now i have a little tears in my eyes too.I do miss her a lot A grandmother,will live forever.
• India
5 Nov 11
I am so touched to read your write up tash . I am reminded of my grandma once again . Yes they are now living peacefully in Heaven and I pray that they live happily with Jesus . I was Hindu before till I got Christ in my life in 2008 after a miracle happened to me . So my grandma was cremated and I have no place to visit her and offer my prayers . I remember her always in my prayers . I was also my granny's darling and you make me reminiscent of old days . Have a nice time and God bless you abundantly