Believe it or Not

September 7, 2011 7:01am CST
Did you know ... 1. That under the island of Samosir .., Lake Toba buried a sleeping volcano, and volcanoes is a huge volcano, and is believed to have erupted 76 thousand years ago, and the eruption of Lake Toba was formed .. and Sumatra are areas of active tectonic plate movement was .., a great earthquake could trigger the eruption of the mountain .. and remember that the volcano if tidurrnya the longer it would be very surprising if the wake up ..., is believed to divide the island of Sumatra , destroy Indonesia and its surroundings and also the misery of the world .. 2. That the possibility of colliding with Earth a chance the asteroid is larger than the Moon. This is because the Earth multiple times larger than the moon, and Earth's gravity moon's gravity also doubled .. who made the earth as safe because we live in the era between the cycle ..., which certainly never happened .. the last cycle, the next cycle will occur at some time. many traces of collision that has been lost due to erosion (wind, rain ..), while the former collision on the moon will be a lasting injury .. Indeed, the earth has a protective sheath shields the atmosphere, which will burn any foreign objects from outer space that enter Earth's, but it only applies to celestial objects with a small size. And former collision is still intact .. tens numbers, while being tracked by hundreds of experts ... While in the totals are countless ... Cycle is the average collision once every few thousand years ... so if for example the moon has a 4 billion year age of the collision cycle every 4 thousand years the moon has been about 1 million times the collision .., wow ...!, look at moon .., how many acne scars on the moon ...! And certainly there are some minor collision was witnessed by modern man .., including a minor collision in the forests of Siberia ... And there are very large-scale collisions are believed to have destroyed the lives of dinosaurs .. And indeed in space .., in the solar system there are many asteroids are milling about. So if there are calculations of experts about the asteroid that came to earth ... Just Believe it or Not ..! regards
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@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 11
Did you know 1. Bandung was an ancient lake at 2. As in the holy book is called "earth rolled up and replaced with a new earth", it may happen even though the cycle may be thousands or millions of years as the dinosaurs became extinct because of the asteroid and was replaced by Homosapiens, and Homosapiens extinct rolled replaced by new species. Why not,...... Everything is completely possible.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
24 Sep 11
There are some astronomers who are monitoring an asteroid potentially colliding with the earth. hopefully they work well and provide information to us all.
• Indonesia
7 Sep 11
From there it is clear, that God is still protecting us.