can India really stop corruption

September 7, 2011 12:48pm CST
As we see today the hot topic in INDIA is corruption. INDIA ranks 74th among the most corrupted countries. where ever we see there is a lot of corruption. Starting from the highest office in INDIA to the lowest government official is corrupted at there own capacity. Even the people are used to the corruption in such a extent that they are ready to give bribe even for a small work which they can go procedurally which is becoming an plus point for corrupted officials. I sincierly doubt weather india can stop the corruption since it became a part and parcel of the people. The recent fast strike by Anna Hazare asking govt to introduce the JAN LOKPAL BILL against corruption has brought complete india go with him, but still i dont believe that who ever supported anna also are not giving bribe at this point. When people dont change and stop giving bribes, i dont think Corruption will be going down in india.
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8 Sep 11
Thats a really difficult question. I don't think even Rajnikant can answer that. Even after the JAN LOKPAL BILL, there will still be corruption. No one can deny that.Yeah it has become a part and parcel of the people. I guess supporters of Anna do corruption. There's no denying to that. I hope corruption ends soon. All we can do is hope.