Everyone is a liar

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September 7, 2011 10:51pm CST
I dont know this to be true, but am pretty sure of it. I asked my neighbor, a grandma who lives with her daughter and her fam. If she would be willing to watch my two small dogs when I leave to see fam. She agreed. I told her my rules are making sure the dogs are taken care of, you have to stay at my house and her grand kids can not come over. We only live a couple houses down so she can put the dogs away and go home if she needs to do anything there. She watched them once for about 5 days and everything went fine. Than for a day while we went to disneyland. Than I had her watch them again recently while I visited fam for 5 days. This time I was informed by a cpl friends who live across the street that the kids were coming over. I called the lady to check in and reminded her that I dont want the kids over. I didnt say anyone told me, just a gental reminder. Today I asked her grandson who is 4 if he spent the night here with his grandma and he told me yes. So now I get to talk to this lady whom I dont know if I will let her watch my dogs again if they are going to disrespect me like this. I have dates set up and I guess the dogs go with me and boarding when we do over night deals. Why are ppl so disrespectful? I want to talk to this lady and give her the oppertunity to come clean. I just dont know if she even comes clean if Im comfortable having her watch my dogs.
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@GemmaR (8526)
8 Sep 11
I don't like it when people choose to lie to you, but you have to think about why she might have done so. Did her grandchild do any damage to your house? If he didn't, then I don't really see that there's any problem. She might have just wanted to spend some time with him as she loves him, and she didn't think that it would be a problem if he were to stay overnight in your house with her. If he'd broken anything then that would be a different matter altogether but he didn't, and I think that you should just be grateful that she was willing to look after your dogs in the first place.
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8 Sep 11
I am grateful she would watch my dogs, but she broke my trust and respect. If you set boundaries for someone when they were in your home and you paid them for their time and the rules were set for safety reasons wouldnt you be a little upset the rules were broken? She didnt tell me because she knew the rules. It wasnt she wanted extra time with her grandchildren, she lives with them, its the fact their mother wants her to constantly care for them. The grandma has mentioned many times she likes it here because its quiet and clean and she gets a break. This time though the kids were over all the time and one spent the night. Nothing was broken but my trust. I have one dog who is going through the running out the door stage and her grandson has let their dog out the front door many times. Fortunatly their dog is older and frumpy and easier to catch. Mine is a puppy and full of energy and a grandma and her grandson could not catch her. Im just really upset over this situation and dont feel I would want her to watch my dogs again. I can see where your coming from, but I set rules for a reason and expect them to be followed. If mine had gotten out or if my other dog who is older had bit him I would be responsible.