which song has ever hit your heart?

September 8, 2011 1:24am CST
when we are in some mood, there is a song that will suddenly hit your heart,you may want to cry or laugh, even will get courage and motivition to live.my dear frends,share your love one with everybady!
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@secretbear (19466)
• Philippines
12 Sep 11
Hi sunflower! I was just listening to some songs back at the office this morning. The songs were Korean songs that I always listen to. I never get tired of listening to these particular Korean songs that even though I don't understand the lyrics, I still can feel the emotion. I think those are love songs based on the melody and they are from some Korean drama series about romance and life. I don't understand Korean but these songs' melody and emotion go through my heart. I just can feel the singer's emotion and there was even a time that I felt like crying. That's why I don't get tired of listening to those songs, they are great even if I can't understand the lyrics.
@judelen (428)
• Philippines
10 Sep 11
Hello! Music seems to be one of my way of my mind relaxation. I really love religious music, the praise and worship song and also the love song. Religious music is my spiritual inspiration, it makes me cry deeply. It can make my heart alive and meditate to God what He is and what we are in our life. For me music can also relieve our problems in life, inspire us and many other aspect which i can call music is also important.
@webcodez (172)
• Netherlands
8 Sep 11
For me that has to be a song from my favourite band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers :D I think I found the most touching songs, that hit my heart, to be 'I could have lied', 'Under The Bridge' and 'My Friends'. All wonderful songs with a deep meaning laying behind the lyrics of the songs!