I Want To Do This Again

September 8, 2011 7:42am CST
When is the last time you played in the rain? me? I don't remember when it was.. I think it was 4 years ago. When it rains I really want to go out and play with it because I'm now busy unlike before.. :(
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@Judy890 (1633)
• United States
8 Sep 11
when I was 7-10 years old I use to like when it rained heavy me and my next door neighbor would go out and rid our bike in the rain
• Philippines
8 Sep 11
That was a happy childhood experience I've also experienced..
@jaiho2009 (39001)
• Philippines
8 Sep 11
I guess I did it last week with my kid. We bath in the rain, thu not for a long hours since it is very cold and I can't stand the coldness that long. I want to play in the rain like the way I did before with my friends too. We go biking in the rain and play basketball- oh that was long time ago. have a good day jaiho®
• Philippines
8 Sep 11
What a nice seen. I also want to do that with my child but she's just 2 years old, i think too early for her to go outside on the rain..
@koneho12 (165)
• Philippines
15 Oct 11
Playing outside while raining is an enjoyable experience especially if you are with friends or with siblings. I just did it two weeks ago, when there was rain whole day long. The rain was so strong with matching strong wind and loud thunder and over seeing lightning. but now, the weather here won't permit me to do it again because the sunlight strikes too strong as if I live in the desert. Rain, rain come again pour some water on our dry land down here.
• India
2 Oct 11
its been sooo long that i have drenched myself in the rain may be somewhere ia have lost lost sync with my earlier self may be when i try to analyse myself inside a quite room i see myself changed in a big way,i laugh out lesser,i now play lesser,i now roam out of my house lesser.Its like a landscape which was once covered with a greener grass now is submerged under ocean of responsibilities and trying to find its way up to a new sunshine and a bright new independent day but always get bogged down by responsibilities or may be its been other way round that me bieng so skeptical of the past that i am being clinging to past like a 5 yr old.Whatever be the reason i am totally longing for that carefree past where i was free,i was independent where everyone cared for me .It would be so special to return to my earlier self
• United States
22 Sep 11
Wow! I think I was a kid last time I played out in the rain lol. It's been that long. I find myself trying to stay out of the rain now that I'm older though lol.
• Algeria
12 Sep 11
the last time i did it was when i 13 now i'am 22 years old maybe i will do it again.
• Chennai, India
9 Sep 11
not only playing in the rain gives me pleasure....i like to have hot coffee during that climate...i would like you guys to try it because it would be awesome...
@edbuex (169)
• Uganda
8 Sep 11
my childhood was not that free for me my dad couldn't want us to go in rain due the lightening,thunder even we could get sick whenever we could play in African rains so i miss such experience...yes some times it could get us on our way to/from school but it wasn't enjoyable so that we could play in it it seems it was enjoyable for you.....