Is it worth buying iPhone 4?

September 8, 2011 11:50am CST
Hey guys, I'm new here. I was wondering for the last month. 3 years ago I bought Samsung Omnia and it worked great! I aggreed with my provider to stay there for 2 years then I could leave them or stay there. After 2 years I get an option to take new phone. So here we are, my Omnia is already old and it's slow. It freezes and doesn't make a good mobile phone for me anymore. I need an advice from iPhone users to tell me and help me choose my new mobile phone. I think that the iPhone is great, I have been testing it for a whole month now, just don't know if it's worth that much money. Your opinion? Tnx for replying!
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• Philippines
25 Aug 12
Yes it is worth it. iPhone 4 is really a nice phone. But first you should also consider your needs. If you really need a smartphone then buy an iPhone. IPhone has lots of games and applications. It has also shoots very nice photos. You wont go wrong buying an iPhone its really worth it.
• Mauritius
8 Sep 11
Hey there, I'm a new myLot user too. Well I am not an iPhone user but I am very much interested in buying this smart phone. What really interest me are the retina display and the camera as I enjoy reading and taking pictures. Moreover, the iOS4 seems more secured than other smart phones. iPhone 4 makes surfing the internet definitely more fun.
9 Sep 11
i do not think it is a good decision to buy a iphone4 ,if you did not use your cellphone to do some very difficult things like using software that can only run on iphone 4.there are many other mobile phones can also do the same things like iphone 4,otherwise, it is not very cheap to buy a iphone can use this money to do more meaningful things.
• Mauritius
9 Sep 11
Well thank you for your advice. As a matter of fact, I do find iPhone 4 very expensive and that has indeed made me reluctant to purchase this mobile phone. For sure, I'll make some online research before deciding what to buy.
@Chispa514 (871)
• Montreal, Quebec
25 Aug 12
I have come back to tell you..... At Christmas I was given an iPhone 4s, and to be perfectly honest, i LOVE it !!!! I can't imagine being without it ! Its easy to use, love the size of the screen, love that its a touch screen so I don't have to worry about anything spilling on it and jamming the keys (i'm kinda clumsy), and i LOVE facetime
• India
9 Sep 11
I was a big fan of Apple products. And was desperate in buying iPhone4. But recently I saw Samsung Galaxy SII. Oh man am in love with this phone. Check this phone my friend. It is a Dual Core phone with a super amazing camera. The display quality is crazy. Also OS gives lot of apps to download. All the best. :)