We All Know 911 Is Coming Up..

@irishmist (3820)
United States
September 8, 2011 10:14pm CST
What a very sad day that was for so many people. We lost so many people that day, not only the people that worked in the towers, we lost the people in the plane, and many First responders as well as many other Emergency personnel. What were you doing that day? And how did it make you feel? I remember I was getting ready to go to work, and I was watching channel 9 news like I did everyday. At first I did not realize what was going on, but as the news kept reporting... I knew as everything that day unfolded, we could never be the same. My heart went out to all that had to endure such a Horrific event to happen to them. All the families that were hoping their loved one's were safe.. I prayed that day hoping for the best. Fearing the worst. Now we have so many rules and regulations, but is it enough? Why do we have to always be involved in everyone Else's business? Can't we just worry about our own for just once??? So "chime " in all and do tell how you feel.
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@celticeagle (119083)
• Boise, Idaho
10 Sep 11
I was out of work at that time and so was up early and listening to the entire thing as it went down. All the personal stories and all the news coverage of the entire thing. I feel like I had enough. Would like to see the celemony when they have the hub ready to open though.
• China
9 Sep 11
yes, that's a terrible day! after that, we have no sense of security,afraid of aother terrible attack.volence will cause more volence and disaster.we all need and hope peace.i hope every nation will stay peaceful.the country should protect the people instead of pulling them in danger.