Dog Savior

@laniekins (4585)
September 9, 2011 4:17am CST
I was inspired by a man who search, help and adopted neglected dying dog in the street. I found him on Facebook in an animals organization and I've added him as friend since I love dogs. I've learned that he is a dog & cat lover, his activity together with his Friend is searching for spotted homeless or stray dog. Some they found with mange and completely hairless with a very thin body. If the dog has no owner, he adopt it and treated with medication and rich food, if the dog has an owner and don't want to give it to him, he go to the owner's house regularly to visit the dog and treat with appropriate medicine and dog food. He do it with the help of his foreign friend who donated for the dog's welfare and you can clearly see where the money goes. I was touched, amaze and nearly in tears when I view his album about one dog whom almost have a little chance of living longer life. Be wowed on how he transform rocky from ugly mange dog into beautiful, golden retriever like one. He is my modern day hero, the one who never ask for something in return, he is doing he's deed for his passion and love for dog. I hope someday I can do something like he is doing and I hope everyone reading this get inspired and do the good deed to. Saving an animal's life is fulfilling. I will share to you he's FB page (not a referral link) and you can view his photo album of the dog's that he saved Below is the photo of Rocky, before and after.
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