About losing weight

September 10, 2011 12:10am CST
What foods can lose weight? Is the swim able to lose weight? Do you have a way to lose weight?
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@DiaJ88 (170)
• Singapore
10 Sep 11
Hi,swimming is a good way to lose weight cos your body will sweat alot although you don't notice it. I walk for around 40mins after work everyday. Its just normal walking,not brisk walk. I lose about 5kg in a month just because of that. If you are not the type who loves to jog, then walking is a good alternative. =)
• Philippines
12 Sep 11
For real. I was also able to shed off some pounds before just by picking up orders from one point to another. My friends told me I got thinner. I was so happy back then.
• Philippines
10 Sep 11
Swimming is a good way to lose weight because your whole body moves in the water. Just don't swim outdoors so that your skin won't get dark. I prefer indoor swimming.
14 Sep 11
very true, but for some its hard because they cant swim like me...i would recommend doing a sport you like ex.basketball,football (on weekend with group of friends)i personally play basketball because you are always running and having fun at the same time but running would be great also
@ashok1 (225)
• India
22 Sep 11
To reduce weight reduce the intake of carbohydrates. Eat lot of fruits and vegetables which will full the stomach with reduce calories. It will also increase your immunity level. You know the saying "An apple a day keeps the doctor away". So eat atleast one apple a day.
@arya007 (306)
• Tirupathi, India
10 Sep 11
Food of less oil will reduce the weight to a great extent and swimming also reduces the weight.