Which brand of car is the best when you're going to buy one?

September 10, 2011 10:33am CST
Even the oil is continuously getting higher everyday, having a car now is a necessity. But how can I make sure that I could buy a brand that will last for a lifetime and the parts of that brand is easier for me to find here in the Philippines. A car that is easy to manage and easy to maintain to a girl like me. Somebody help me, please. Thanks in advance mylotter friends!
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@arya007 (306)
• Tirupathi, India
10 Sep 11
I like to buy BMW car.because it good looking as well as low maintainance car.that's it.
• Slovenia
10 Sep 11
This is very hard. You can buy a car that is made by a well known company. But noone can guarantee you that it won't break down. I wouldn't look by its brand. I would buy rather used car with known history and find every single information about the car. You can find a lot of computer programms that show you when does you car need a servis, when to change parts etc. You can ask your mechanic if those cars have any weaknesses and problems and then you decide if you buy it. But even this technique can't help you because every car is unique and can break down. If you and your friend have the same car, if his car breaks down because of some software failure it doesn't mean that your car will to. This is lottery. Another thing is that you can by cars, that are "remaked". I will give you example because I know one. Citroen XSara 1997 had a lot of problems, and the Citroen decided to fix it with next version with xsara. And they did. Newer version almost doesn't have any problems. That's what I want to say. I would say, ask your friends if they know something about cars or your mechanic. They know the most. ;)