Do you prefer a career or a child?

@mokkka (883)
September 10, 2011 4:10pm CST
My relatives recently said that now they cannot afford to take care after a child so they will wait until they become 45 as they belive then thir live will have bocome better.I personally desperately want a kid soon and I know that I will never have the possibility to give him\her everything so I will just try to do whatever I can.Can you wait so many years before having a child just with the idea of earning enough money?
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@youless (94792)
• Guangzhou, China
11 Sep 11
I am not ambitious. I prefer to have a child than a career. No matter how successful you are in the career, the joy is still different than having your own child. You will change a lot after having a child. Although it means you have to sacrifice something and you have to be responsible to your child, but I think it is still worthy. I love China
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@kaka135 (14131)
• Malaysia
10 Sep 11
I'd definitely prefer a child. I have a 2 and a half year old son and I am really glad that I have made the decision of quitting my job and taking care of him full-time. I just brought him back to me when he was about to turn 2, and I have made this decision after I gave birth. I don't know how other mothers think, but as for myself, I just want to be with my child all the time, it's all precious moments to see him grow up, watch him learn a new skill, see him laugh or cry. I never think I'd give up my career before he was born. Being a mother is such a wonderful "job" and I'd not give up this for anything else. By the way, I'm still working part-time at home, where I can also take care of my son. I usually work when my son is sleeping, so that I can spend time with him, and also do some household work, though the income is really little. I am quite surprise to read that your relatives want to wait until they become 45 then only have child. I gave birth when I was 30, and now I always encourage others try to have babies as earlier as you can, because being pregnant is not an easy job, it requires energy and strength. Taking care of the kids also requires energy and strength. I just advise my friends not to wait until they are too old, otherwise they might be suffering during the pregnancy, and also no energy to take care of the kids, and also play with the kids.
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@brew2x (3096)
• Philippines
15 Sep 11
I will definitely choose a child. I'm a woman and getting pregnant at an older age will be risky. You can earn money if you will just strive hard enough, even though you can't give everything to your child I think parents will make it appoint to give their child his/her needs. Having a child is priceless.