We and the basic principles of hygiene.

September 10, 2011 10:41pm CST
Not only the illiterate people but I have seen a lot of literate people coming of well to do families who do not bother about the basic principles of hygiene. Have you too such experiences? Do you always try to stick to the basic principles of hygiene in your own life?
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@jeannames (305)
• Turkey
20 Sep 11
we must wash hands
@toniganzon (53565)
• Philippines
15 Sep 11
What maybe hygienic to me, may be considered outrageous by some or exorbitant. One time i was talking to one person online and i told him i have to go and take a shower. He was surprised that i take a shower two times a day. For me that's hygiene but for him it's luxury because in his country people take a shower only once a day or sometimes they don't even if their country is very hot.
@QeeGood (1214)
• Sweden
11 Sep 11
There are basic principles for hygiene and there there are ritual for basic hygiene according to what religion you believe in. There are much to consider talking about hygiene. In some industrial countries people wash themselves too much. They lose the natural protection that the human body has. then there are countries where people look pretty dirty ,but they are healthier, because they let the human body has its own defense protection working well.
• Philippines
11 Sep 11
Yes, I hear you, DoctorDidi! It's a matter of choice and it does not matter whether or not a person comes from a well to do family. There are those who simply do not care and others who are just too lazy. Now, that I live alone, it has ceased to be a problem. I used to live in a place with other people and I used to post reminders on the refrigerator door, like wash your hands before you handle food. Wash your hands after using the ATM, touching money, door knobs light switch. Change your clothes when you get home and before you sit on your bed or use any furniture at home, etc.It was quite a long list, but sadly, my efforts were ignored. Observing basic hygiene is not a difficult thing to do. Putting things off for later, makes it hard work. Ignoring it completely leads to disaster. There are things that I can tolerate, but living with "pigs" is not one of those. Have a great day Doctor.
@allknowing (72684)
• India
11 Sep 11
It depends how one is brought up. With us it was clean clothes rather than new clothes. There has never been a dearth of water in my life and so following the principles of hygiene was never a problem. Each of us had our own towels which we never shared with another which I have seen in some houses.
@marguicha (105864)
• Chile
11 Sep 11
We would have to talk about what you call basic principles of hygiene first. Part of it is cultural and we belong to different culturals. In my own culture, I follow not only the basic principles, but a lot more. It comes from the teachings of a scientist father.
• Philippines
11 Sep 11
Its been applied ever since my mom taught us how to be clean inside and out. Personal hygiene denotes also good health and how discipline you are when taking care of yourself. No one else benefits but you. It is something that has to be taught from generations to come and it is something that you can be proud of because your parents taught you that. From sanitation, to basic bath hygiene, etc. my mom has taught me this and I am grateful. No offense but, when I came here in India, I realize that most women don't even know and use feminine wash. When in fact, I really can't take a day without using that since it is good to take care of your private part. It was also rare to find the brand I was using but it can only be bought in pharmacies here unlike in our country, feminine wash are sold at a local and small sari-sari store (retail stores) just like selling bread.
@DiaJ88 (170)
• Singapore
11 Sep 11
HI doctordidi. I always stick to the basic principles of hygiene in my life. Such things are like having a shower 2-3times daily, washing hands before and after eating, wear a deodorant, wear washed clothes daily. I think this is one of the ways that I will feel confident where ever I go. I often meet people who dresses well but smells like a rubbish dump, it's such a turn off.
• Philippines
11 Sep 11
I don't know, but I think hygiene is relative to a person. Some are overboard when it comes to hygiene while others are really poor at it. Also, what is the basic principles of hygiene? Some culture have different principles regarding such which makes other cultures judge them because they have different principles. Just my thoughts.
@celticeagle (121017)
• Boise, Idaho
11 Sep 11
Yes, the basic principles of hygiene are very important to ones health and well being. I have ridden the bus and seen people who look like they haven't batheed in quite sometimes. Its been crowded and we had to set somewhere near and the smell was horrible. I can't believe these people don't take personal care.
• United States
11 Sep 11
Oh gosh yes I am a very hygienic person and would not like to be around someone who is not. Though I can try and reason for them to take better care of themselves, ultimately they have to do so for themselves. I would not like someone who is unclean reaching into something I am about to eat and or be in my surroundings for that matter. No extra care is required as long they assure to bathe, brush their teeth, make sure to wash their hands after each washroom moment and or prior to eating food. It does not take much effort but sadly some people opt to skip corners and or simply not apply the care their bodies need.