Ivanovic did better aginst Serena than Wozniacki did

@stealthy (8188)
United States
September 10, 2011 11:54pm CST
While Wozinacki played a good defensive game, it was not the type of game that is good to beat Serena Williams. Ivanovic played a closer match and brought more fire power; she just had some critical lapses that cost her the match. Ivanovic is still struggling to get her confidence back to where it needs to be and this hurts her serve. Also, one of her problems is that she is too nice. But in the U.S. open she had to deal with the death of her grandfather, who she was very close to, just before the Open started. In addition the walkover the had probably hurt as much or more than it helped because it kept her from getting match tough. Wozniacki needs to improve her serve and to play more aggressively and not so far back if she wants to beat someone like Serena.
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@moneywinner (1866)
• Brazil
11 Sep 11
I think that Wozniacki should change her style of play, not completely of course, but she should improve her serve and be able to change her style depending of her opponent. I mean, her defensive style can be good for many players, because she definitely have a better resistence than most of the female players. But, against a Serena Williams, you need to change the strategy. But like Wozniacki said after the match, if Serena Williams plays her best game, no one can beat her. And I totally agree with her, no actual female player have the power to beat S. Williams if she plays with her 1st serve and having so many winners like she had yesterday.