take a cup of coffee make you sleepy

September 12, 2011 3:40am CST
Well I don't know if my situation is worse. Actually i'm not used to drink coffees often. Instead, I tend not drink coffee at all... But there are times when I was force myself to drink coffe, I feel sleepy and then fall asleep afterwards. At night when I want to awake until dawn for some works, the coffe does not take effect on me even many times I had take cups of coffees. What do you think about this problem?
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@2wicelot (2948)
15 Sep 11
When I drink coffee at night I go to sleep too. In fact, I get to have a very sound sleep after drinking coffee. But in the morning I feel very energized and very fresh full of energy. Thereafter, towards afternoon I begin to get tired and loss steam. So I think in my case there is a delayed reaction after drinking coffee.
@cream97 (29166)
• United States
13 Sep 11
Hi, markthaniel1407. Welcome to myLot! I have the same issue here. I drink coffee every now and then and I still get very sleepy. I don't know why. Coffee is supposed to keep one wide awake and at alert. Maybe it is because I usually drink decaffeinated coffee, that is probably why. This type of coffee, does not make me sleepy, because it does not have any caffeine in it.
• Philippines
12 Sep 11
That's abnormal huh, since you are not really a coffee drinker. As for my case, I really am a coffee drinker, so, my system is already used or immune to the coffee that it doesn't have an effect of me. I can still sleep even if I drink coffee.
@SIMPLYD (81529)
• Philippines
12 Sep 11
It's actually the first time that i have known a person who feels sleepy when they drink coffee. Coffee is supposed to perk us up or make us awake and that's what i feel when i drink coffee. I would drink coffee whenever i feel sleepy at work, and voila, i am again awake, after that.