PC Video Card

@vittos (121)
September 12, 2011 8:02am CST
I've come to the point, that I'm so confused from too many opinions on one subject, that I feel like I know less than when I started asking the question, what video card should I buy. I started assembling a PC on my own, from the box to the last screw. I can say that I know enough to succeed in doing that, but when I got to the part with the Video card I decided to go around and ask for some more opinions and gather more information what card is good for graphical editing, photos and other activities from that kind different from gaming. I heard all kinds of different views and thoughts, some say it doesn't matter as longest you have a powerful PC (which I think is the biggest bull%@$% from everything I heard), others say you have to get the PC monitor first and then decide what video card you should get. So...I'm already confused now, so would you all give me your opinions too and then I can sit down and try to put my thoughts in to order(which I think will take me about a month, considering all the info). Thank you in advance.
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@iuliuxd (4453)
• Romania
12 Sep 11
If you don`t play a lot of computer games and you want to save some money buy an Nvidia GT 520 video card like Asus ENGT 520.It doesn`t have a cooling fan so that means less noise for your computer and it will bring you enough performance.Plus it is very cheap.If you want to play heavy 3d games then take one from the middle class with the GTX 560 chipset like Asus ENGTX 560.It is more expensive but you need to pay for more performance in 3D games. You should never buy the top product like GTX 580 - 590 series because they are very expensive and they will become obsolete anyway in less than 6 months.