Which position would you prefer in a procession ?

@mohkanari (1957)
September 13, 2011 1:36am CST
In processions are almost a daily seen in my place..Most of the people are eager to get position in the front part of it to show that they are the VIPs.Some of the people are eager to be among the last with easy walk enjoying the procession.A few are certain at the last with serious concerns about the proper conclusion of the procession.I always try to escape from such processions and if it become unavoidable I hide somewhere in the middle to be maximum unnoticeable.These are due to differences in individuality and nature of each person. What is your approach to processions.
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@jaiho2009 (39000)
• Philippines
13 Sep 11
That depends on what kind of procession. If it is something good and for the benefit of many people, I want to be in front also. But if it something only to show off- or just a show off...I am not interested.
@mohkanari (1957)
• India
13 Sep 11
It is good .For something good and for the benefit of people one should. It is your goodwill. But front portion will be filled by all hypocrites who actually not all interested in promoting the purpose of the procession, at the same time to spoil it.Then you will get suffocating.