The color blue in reviews and exams

September 14, 2011 7:35am CST
Our teacher in math told us before that: If we review, we should surround ourselves with blue stuffs, In exam, we might as well use blue ink pen. I've done that ever since. She said it helps us to concentrate or retain more what we have reviewed. So, what's with the blue thing?
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• United States
14 Sep 11
Wow, that's actually pretty neat. I've never heard of that before and I'd be interested to see how it works for me lol. I have been told that eating a peppermint before a test can also help..I think it relaxes you and makes you focus? I don't quite remember because this was years and years ago.
• Philippines
15 Sep 11
I don't know if there is a scientific explanation for that. So, I can conclude now that its best to have blue stuffs around and to eat chocolates and peppermint before taking exams. Maybe, we will get really high scores.
• United States
15 Sep 11
haha yeah, let's hope!!