What's the craziest thing you have done in your life(as a student)?

@chiyosan (30206)
September 14, 2011 7:57am CST
I am sure there are some cray things you did, alone, or with friends! share them here please! i think for me, it was crazy enough that as a student i have hidden at the bottom of the computer table with the whole section prior to our class. hehe boy was he really angry at us!!
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@gaiza12 (4889)
• Philippines
30 Apr 12
I think the craziest think was that we had bullied someone whom we thought has a foul smelling foot. We know bullying was bad, we should have just told her in a nice way so she can do something about it. I feel really bad for remembering it now, and I feel sorry for my classmate as well. I wasn't the one who started it, but still I was part of those who talked about her on his back.
@secretbear (19464)
• Philippines
15 Sep 11
Hi chiyosan! The first crazy thing that came on my mind was back in college when me and my friends went on a field trip in Cebu. We went to a gay bar and the place was called Navigator Bar. We wanted to see for ourselves what's inside a gay bar and what it feels like to be inside. We were stopped at the entrance because we really looked like students but we told them we were already beyond 18 so they let us in. That was really some crazy night! We were all squeamish at the start but we started to have fun when we saw how the macho dancers did some crazy steps in the dance floor. Not sexy steps but crazy steps! But it was really uncomfortable inside because there were gays, there were lovers, and all that. But we went through it like another lab experiment. ^^ I fell asleep in the middle of it and someone had to stomped their feet in the stage in front of me to wake me up. lol The dancer felt insulted when he saw me sleeping. lol
@ur4mae (217)
• Philippines
14 Sep 11
I enrolled in two classes with the same schedule and made myself sick trying to balance my attendance and not jeopardize my scholarship.LOL.