Free stuff on INTERNET

September 14, 2011 10:25am CST
Now days it is very easy to get hands on movies ,music, games etc......... FREELY on the internet.. It has become a such common thing that it has started to effect movies industry, games industry software industry heavily.... Piracy is spreading nd spreading nd there seems to be no stopping to it...... Peoples are loosing there jobs because of it as company starts having losses due to this....
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@GemmaR (8526)
14 Sep 11
It is incredibly easy for you to find free things on the internet, and it is a big problem because the people who's things are being distributed for free are losing income and this means that they might not be able to afford to do as much in their career as they should have been able to if people had paid for their things. I always pay for my movies and music because I think that if I were the one who recorded them, I would be seriously annoyed if people chose to get my work for free rather than paying to buy them properly.
• India
18 Sep 11
yeah that's how i feel :)