I know most women are afraid of rats.Why are some men are afraid,too?

September 14, 2011 11:09pm CST
I do not believe in what I have just discovered that my friend is afraid of the rodent inside his house.He can not move freely but just stay up in his chair.He is known to be the bad guy in our area,very tought,strong and always had an opponent.Now he is the most helpless individual in his house and can not get out unless someone else let out the rat from his view out of his house.I am his most trusted friend that is why I am the one who catches the rat and kill it outside his house.It sounds like a funny story yet it is true.True stories are more weird than fiction.
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@ARShams (82)
• Pakistan
15 Sep 11
A very few number men may be found getting afraid of rats or reptiles as like as women, whereas, some women claim that they aren't afraid of even snakes or tigers. men getting afraid of rats etc. and women not of even snakes are just odd and peculiar cases for the both. I've a wise old friend who says often in light vain (jokingly) men that scared of rats are almost 'womanish', lacking their masculinity and women not scared of even snakes etc. mostly loses their femininity, whereas, both the cases contain oddity and peculiarity. Further he said, "notwithstanding, a real woman should continue with their femininity and men their masculinity, that's much. Otherwise, life and living with such people seem artificial, not natural in reality, hence that nature living becomes charmless to most people." With regards, ARShams
• Philippines
16 Sep 11
I have heard a story just like your story with the same content about men who are afraid of the rats.I do not believe that it loses their masculinity because they are just afraid of anything.My friend is a very brave man even men who are more big and heavy than him does not admit he can bit them.His height is just normal at 167 centimeters but he outsmart and just overcomes who wishes to fight with him.It is just funny he is the loser to just a rat.When the rat is out he is surely the loser.