What is our life after death??? Are you ready???

@kearkear (259)
September 14, 2011 11:54pm CST
When I heard life after death. I can't imagine how it will be.. All I know as a christian we have this heaven and hell... All the good one will go to the heaven and all the bad one in hell. Well, I'm not yet ready. I still have many things to do and ask forgiveness...
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@yansky23 (404)
• Philippines
15 Sep 11
I'm not ready to die yet. Though i've already recieved salvation by accepting Christ as my personal savior. There's so many goals I haven't accomplished yet. And I need to firmly obey the Lord's commandment for me to be saved and gain eternal life. Life here on earth is just temporary, it's just a preparation towards eternity. There are two paths you can either choose. The way to eternal life in which you go to heaven or etenal damnation in which you go to the lake of fire. Does who've been disobedient unbelievers will spent their eternity in hell where there is gnashing of teeth and eternal torture. While does who obeyed and accepted Christ will be saved and enjoy eternity with him.
@kearkear (259)
• Philippines
16 Sep 11
I think few people only could say that they are ready to die. Though as you have said they accept and believed God, there is still afraid in their hearts to die.