What have you learned from your past relationship???

September 15, 2011 12:46am CST
Many of us sometimes have to go through a tough phase in life. But many take it positively & learn from it & are happy now. What have you learned from your past relationship???
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@bonding2 (219)
• South Africa
19 Mar 12
my past relationship ended bitterly but i have realized that it was not entirely her fault , i have learn to communicate more openly than before
@louie847 (350)
• Philippines
15 Sep 11
I have learned a lot from my previous relationships or my experiences with women. First of all, it made me to realize that I should be more understanding and do not get into my anger all of a sudden. Second, make every moment for the both of you special and memorable. Lastly, love only one person and only that person. And now, my life is full of happiness.
@maximax8 (28490)
• United Kingdom
15 Sep 11
I learned to stay in contact with regular messages when apart. I found that I would never accept violence in a relationship. I have gone off traveling and one man would not mind that whilst another would be very upset by that. I have learned to find out a person's hobbies to see if they are similar to mine. I like to become friends with a man in order to see what he is really like before I start a relationship. My marriage lasted six years. I found that he was vegetarian, liked animals and was keen on traveling to different countries. He was Australian and he had been to Hong Kong, England, France and Ecuador. I didn't like the way he was very selfish and liked arguments. I learned that I wanted a man that was kind and easy going.
@shanemae (1025)
• Philippines
15 Sep 11
from the different relationships that i had with my friends i learned that people you may know may not be the persons whom you really know. i had some bad ending with one friendship i had. with that it made me more cautious on choosing friends, what to believe stuffs like that. i have been good at her but at the later part she did something that disappointed me and made me think to stop the friendship. well i have forgiven her but i decided to keep distance.
@chiyosan (30075)
• Philippines
15 Sep 11
I learned a few from my past relationships and one of the things that stuck in my mind the most is the experienced i have had with my 2nd boyfriend. i never thought that you could actually lose a trust in a person because of what they did to you... or behind your back. i mean we were a couple for Christ's sake and we should be helping each other out not sellin each other. I learned we can lose the love when we lose the trust. I learned too that sometimes it is not enough that you say you love the person, it is more than required to have time to spend with each other too. I learned that without God in the center of your relationship, it could easily be broken... you have to have God to help you build the relationship. I learned too that you cannot always find all the qualities you want in one person. it can be dispered to all of them but you need not hope that they will change for you.. they are who they are so it is only you who you can control. I learned that Love is not all sweet and nice. Part of being in love and in a relationship is being hurt, and feeling all sorts of emotions that go along with it, even disappointments. I learned that When you say you love a person, it takes more action than words. saying you love a person is not enough and you have got to prove that as well.