A beautiful Place But A Place that you should be aware!

@kearkear (259)
September 15, 2011 1:07am CST
It was during our 5 days vacation trip with my friends, James, Julius, Jay and Randel. Our destination is from Tagum City travel to Nasipit Port then going to Cebu and last is Bohol. The traveling was very enjoyable, it's my first time to travel by sea. When we got there in Cebu port, prior to that our family and friends called us that we should aware about shaft lifters, and any other forms of snatching. One of my friends Julius, which really from Bohol, always said that we have to look always with our stuff and bags or any valuable things when we ride a jeep or walking along the street. The sad thing happened was, when we ride a jeep someone follow our friend Julius ride and trying to get the set. Then after a minutes the guy leave the jeep. Then the shocking thing, the hand phone of my friend Julius was taken by the guy. They said people inside the jeep that it's really rampant there this kind of snatching. And we observed, we can't see people wearing valuable things or using hand phone along the streets or even in a jeep.
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@SIMPLYD (81469)
• Philippines
15 Sep 11
I am sorry to hear that kearkear! Actually, wherever we go, we should always be watchful of our things at all times. Much more if you are travelling, where the tendency is to be so absorbed with the new surroundings. I think, snatchers are everywhere so we should always be on the lookout for them and be cautious.
@kearkear (259)
• Philippines
16 Sep 11
It's okay simplyd. Maybe next time we should be more cautious and lookout with our belongings. It's really a great experienced.