hundreds of discussions in my lot every day.

September 15, 2011 5:09am CST
I can't count it all the started discussions that was sent to my email..And sometimes i do not have time to open it,but sometimes i did try to open it because because i want to response and earn money...that's my purpose in here..
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@greenline (14864)
• Canada
22 Sep 11
MyLot is a huge community, and it is growing at an amazing rate. People of different countries and cultures around the world continue joining. This is an excellent community for making friends and exchanging experiences and ideas. So, yes, indeed, many new discussionand responses come up each day. That is really amazing, isn't it ?
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• Philippines
23 Sep 11
Yes amazing.Really enjoyable site for me and also to every one..Great community to enter act with other people in the world. People are interesting,topics shared are interesting,you will amaze how beautiful they are ,that w are meeting in on site through sharing,and earning.
@rqlutz (59)
• India
15 Sep 11
hi friend, i only respond to the discussion that are on the topics i like. This would help me enjoy my stay here in mylot. I would response fast to the topics i am not intersted in because i don't know the topic and therefore i would take time to think of a better solution. Topics of my interest are the best. I understand the topic very well and therefore i would not take much of my time thinking of a better solution. You should also response to the topics you are interested. You will avoid the boredom and you will also response fast which would lead to more money to be made.
• Philippines
15 Sep 11
Yes friend really true that that i respond to the topics that i am interested too...And sometimes i having hard time to respond to other hard English..What i do is just to find the easy for me to understand thank you...
@megamatt (14327)
• United States
15 Sep 11
There are many, many discussions that are started every day for sure. There is no way to really read them all in the same day. Not that I have not tried, believe me I have tried, but it is rather impossible to read even a small fraction of them. Of course, a small fraction is really all that you need, to make a rather sizable chunk of change, to be successful on this website. Then again, the huge variety of discussions is really a good thing for a simple reason. There are a lot of times where we are going to really going to find something that we are going to enjoy to say the very least. There are numerous topics, there might be many that will not interest us but if we really look long enough, you'll find something for sure. That is the charm of a website such as myLot.
• Philippines
15 Sep 11
Yes rally agree with you...There are a lot of discussions started every day sometimes you do not have time to read or to response...There are interesting topics and there are get you board..Am sure that most pople in my lot are busy to response and too.. thank you for the response.
@sjvg1976 (18407)
• Delhi, India
15 Sep 11
Hello befri, of course there are infinite discussions started every day here i also cannot count it or respond it.The best thing i do is to check discussion started by MY FRIEND and respond to the interested ones and then go to my interest category and respond to the ones which interest me but i respond them to have FUN money is the least priority for me.
• Philippines
15 Sep 11
Yes i agree with you.. Many discussions are started every and we can't count them all..adding friends too can help us to find their discussions,and to response the way i am not new here i deleted my account and then registered again...enjoy your day...